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So, What is Lobangsiah about?

We’re on a quest to sourcing for the Best Deal in Singapore and stay updated in our daily life. In 2013, two buddies who were interested in sharing good lobangs with one another as well as with their loved ones, founded Lobangsiah.

In response, they started a Facebook page that primarily shares Lobangs and Memes that Singaporean’s love to see and laugh at.

In 2020, they have a vision to start a lifestyle-focused community as they love sharing local deals and lifestyle content. So, please stay with us and discover everything from Food recommendations to latest trendy products as well as services in Singapore you should not miss.

We are 100% independently and locally owned. We have not received any funding and we have no political affiliations that undermine our editorial integrity. Our content strategy tends towards lifestyle and wholesome feel-good & happy news and as such we’re brand-safe to most advertisers.

We’re happy to share only positive news and stories, if you’ve any contribution feel free to let us know.

Giving back to the Community

In the Covid Pandemic, together with our partners and Lobangsiah platform resources voluntary sharing for Promos for F&B owners in Singapore. As well as sharing useful knowledge of blessing groups and organisations for people who lose their jobs during the Pandemic. Helping them to stand strong while pulling through this period of time. The fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled. Giving back is also a great way to get to know our community.

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